Affiliate program of

Easy way to earn cash on recommending our software.

Ease of use

Referral links to any content. Including the result pages.

Ability to withdraw

You will receive a percentage of each payment created by the users you referred.

High revenue share

Earn up to %20 from each user with our affiliate program!

How can I use referral links

Direct link can be used everywhere, to redirect the user to the main page. After clicking on this link, there is a redirect to the home page of the service.

Hash (identifier starting with '#') can be used in conjunction with any page. Copy link and add the hash to the end.

After redirecting the user gets 'cookie' with your unique identifier. If in the future user registers, make a payment and begin using the service, the percentage is transferred to your account.

Six simple examples to partner with us

Statistics of tariff prefer

According to statistics our customers choose tariffs in the following ratio:


Ten attracted clients comes out to about $50 payments, which you can use to withdraw or pay for our service. If you have only large customers (average bill is $200 per month) you get ~$400 from 10 customers.

Terms of payment

Payments are made only on the amount used by the client, own funds are not output from balance. To request you must have two registered referral users, or from $20 commission.

The request must specify the amount and the details for payment.

Percentage of the commission depends on the tariff chosen by your referral.


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